Thanks again for the wonderful yoga lesson yesterday and the inspirational talk that could not have been more perfect for my day. I still marvel at how things sometimes happen in life; I had not even planned to do yoga, but when I couldn't focus anymore and started to make mistakes, I just checked the Chrysalis calendar and there it was - Hatha Yoga with Deb - and I thought, that's just what I need right now. So forty minutes before class I signed up, changed into my yoga clothes and off I went. The inspirational words you had chosen for us perfectly summed up my day. You are amazing - thanks!
Warm and cozy are the best way to describe Deb's classes. Her smile and warmth light up the room and you feel at complete ease. She is truly one of the best yoga teachers I have ever practiced with and I learn so much from her classes. She truly embodies the entire Yogic experience and I recommend anyone starting yoga for the first time, attend one of Deb's classes. She will make you fall in love with Yoga.
Deb is an open-hearted teacher. Sharing her energy, love and offering support to everyone in class. I am able to feel her gentle energy throughout our studio and classes. Her presence is felt in her communication and knowledge about the students needs. I am happy and honoured to be her student and a friend in her life.
Meri P
Had a great time with Deborah Devine at a taping of Healing Yoga. It was wonderful to experience her graceful, warm and generous way of being.
Daphne Bennett
I have been fortunate to be a student in several workshops taught by Deborah. Her guidance has helped my practice become more mindful and focused. I highly recommend attending one of Deborah's workshops. She's a wonderful teacher!
Victoria Monachino
We have known Deb for a year now as our family yoga instructor. She comes to our home with her awesome spirit, her mats, balls, bricks and spiritual music. Her smile goes from ear to ear. We do a 2 hour session which involves restorative movements of stretching and healing. I feel amazing after each session. The 3 of of are at different levels and she works with that. I go for a massage every week but Debbie is the only one that can truly relax and smooth out those muscles deep inside with her special stretches. My daughter works with her 12 horses every day and my husband cuts trees on our property and does heavy work and I use my hands and arms a lot and I do not know what we would do without her. God bless Deborah Devine. We recommend her highly.
Maura R
Practicing yoga with Deb changed my life tremendously. I had been really depressed and dealing with anxiety for several months and my doctor recommended I do yoga classes. I started attending gentle yoga and restorative yoga classes 3-5 times a week and instantly fell in love with it. I was able to fall asleep more easily, was a lot less anxious, and looked forward to going to yoga every evening instead of coming straight home after work and moping around all evening like I had been doing previously. The most noticeable thing that changed in me when I started taking Deb’s classes was how much more calm I was and changed the way I reacted to situations. Deb is so cheerful and kind, and her passion for yoga and helping others is so contagious and inspiring. Also I will forever be grateful for the day I hurt my back and you stayed late with me to help me out! so kind.

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